Richmond Transportation Canopy Repair

  • 200 Parr Blvd
  • Richmond,
  • CA
  • 94801

Repairing a Canopy Installation Problem that Others Could Not The canopy installation for the Bay Area Rapid Transit in Richmond, CA had a problem. The local representative, at that time, for CPI Daylighting made the mistake of hiring an unqualified subcontractor to install the canopy. How hard could it be? It wasn’t even indoors. Problem: … Continue reading Richmond Transportation Canopy Repair

Burnett Residence Skylight Repair

  • 85 Ponte Vedra Blvd
  • Ponte Vedra Beach,
  • FL
  • 32082

How To Find An Expert Skylight Contractor To Repair Your Skylight A homeowner in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL had a big skylight problem and wanted to find an expert skylight contractor. She built this dream home herself in 1985 on the shores of the Atlantic. The award-winning home has a ridge skylight that highlights the … Continue reading Burnett Residence Skylight Repair

Disney Marina Hotel Skylight Repair

  • 1313 S Harbor Blvd
  • Anaheim,
  • CA
  • 92803

Round Skylights Take Special Consideration During Skylight Repair These round skylights are located in the porte cochere for the Disney Marina Hotel. This is the area where you pull up in any kind of weather and unload your vehicle of passengers and cargo. There are beautiful stained glass globes that hang beneath these skylights that “glow” … Continue reading Disney Marina Hotel Skylight Repair

Quadrangle Center Skylight Repair

  • 1000 S Main St
  • Salinas,
  • CA
  • 93901

Fix My Skylights Or We Are Moving! Monterey County Department of Social Services couldn’t stand to have leaking skylights any longer. Their ultimatum to the owner was, fix my skylights, and fix them properly this time, or we are moving. The owner took it to heart because they were the largest tenant he had. Two things … Continue reading Quadrangle Center Skylight Repair