Hail Damaged Polycarbonate Skylights | Colorado Springs Airport

  • 7770 Milton E Proby Pkwy
  • Colorado Springs,
  • CO
  • 80916


Hail Damage of Airport’s Vintage Polycarbonate Panels Forces a Re-skin Solution.

Colorado Springs (COS) Airport is a city-owned public civil-military airport 6 miles southeast of downtown Colorado Springs, CO. It is the second busiest airport in the state. The airport is co-located with Peterson Air Force Base. 

The three-level, 275,000 square-foot, 12 gate terminal facility opened in 1994. Numerous skylights and large windows provide panoramic views of Pikes Peak and Colorado’s Front Range.

The July 28, 2016 hailstorm that smashed Colorado Springs was the sixth-most damaging event in Colorado history, triggering $352.8 million in claims for damage to homes and vehicles and damaging the old wide-cell polycarbonate and fiberglass skylights at the airport.

What We Are Doing at the Airport:

The first phase is to replace the old wide-cell polycarbonate product with new Nano-Cell® technology and finally, the second phase is replacing the fiber glass skylights. In both cases we do not need to replace the aluminum framing, just switch out the glazing.

Security Comes First.

This is a very strictly controlled site. To begin with, the staging area we created is surrounded by chain link fencing. A container for materials and one for our tools, a job trailer and our forklift are kept in this area. All debris and trash has to be contained 100% of the time. It cannot escape onto the tarmac where the airplanes are located, for obvious reasons.

All personnel have to be fingerprinted and screened and attend classes about the rules and regulations of operating in a secured environment. They are informed that their actions could cost lives if they do not do their job properly. Additionally, they are taught about security and how to move through the airport properly, without setting off alarms and having security personnel confront them. No one can work on the site without going through these steps.

Safety Is Equally Important.

All debris has to be accounted for and none can leave the rooftop. Down below the skylights, inside the building, each section of skylights that we replace must be separated from the public with orange fencing, cones and signs. Our own people are stationed inside this area 100% of the time to ensure security for the public.

Many work areas are over escalators or main entrances that cannot be shut down, therefore the work is performed at night in these areas to reduce the number of people that are inconvenienced by the closures.

Additionally, many areas have artwork hanging below the skylights which cannot be removed or protected. Extreme care will be required to avoid damaging these unique pieces of art.

Detailed Planning Is a Necessity.

Needless to say, all of these details requires detailed planning and coordination with the airport personnel. Including TSA personnel, who take their job very seriously.

And, the job has to stay on schedule. We have 75 days to secure the materials and to perform the first phase of the work. This includes dealing with afternoon thunderstorms which seem to come at the beginning of every day of scheduled nighttime work! But, that is our job and we do it well. The job is on schedule, and is, in fact, a little ahead of schedule.

Product Used:

  • CPI Daylighting translucent, polycarbonate, Pentaglas panels.


Pentaglas® panels are specially formulated to suit the demanding performance requirements of the North American architectural market for panel thicknesses, fire performance and co-extruded UV protection.

  1. Main polycarbonate panels 2’ nominal widths, extruded with Nano-Cell® technology and with standing seam, 5/8” (115mm) upstands protruding 90° to the panel face.
  2. Grip-lock double tooth design of snap-on and interlocking dryglazed profiles.
  3. Concealed patented HD stainless steel and aluminum retention clips utilizing continuous top flanges.
  4. Structural supporting systems.
  5. Variety of perimeter aluminum engagement profiles
CPI Pentaglas

Velux Commercial Domes | Colorado

We Have a Number of Velux Dynamic Dome Projects Scheduled.

The May 8th hailstorm that hammered west metro Denver with golf ball and baseball sized stones on May 8 will rank as the most expensive catastrophe in state history. Commercial properties weren’t included in the $1.4 billion estimated damages—they were certainly not excluded from damage.

We will be using a variety of the new Velux commercial dome unit skylights—acrylic/impact modified acrylic/polycarbonate – clear/white – smooth/prismatic—to replace damaged skylights.

Scheduled Projects:

Jefferson County Open Spaces Building

700 Jefferson County Pkwy
Golden, CO 80401

What We Will Do:

Replace two existing skylights with two custom sized Velux CH2 double dome hip ridge clear polycarbonate over white polycarbonate skylights. 

LT Environmental

4600 W 60th Ave
Arvada, CO 80003

Mathews Family LLC

4700 W 60th Ave
Arvada, CO 80003

What We Will Do:

Replace a total of eight skylights with eight Velux Dynamic Dome CD2 3636 double dome, clear impact modified acrylic (IMA) over clear IMA skylights.

Berkshire Hathaway Building

3478 W 32nd Ave
Denver, CO 80211

What We Will Do:

Replace two existing skylights with two custom sized Velux LuxGuard Dynamic Domes — 66 x 90 and 31 x 71.5 inches. Clear, smooth polycarbonate over 50% white, smooth polycarbonate.

15-year WARRANTY on LuxGuard options. Including breakage (hail breakage up to 2” in diameter).

Completed Projects:

Ogilvie Properties

2601 Blake St
Denver, CO 80205

What We Did:

Removed the existing skylight, raised the curb and replaced it with one Velux LuxGuard Dynamic Dome CD2 6072.
Clear polycarbonate over 50% white prismatic.

Re-flashed with roll roofing.


Re-Glaze Skylights | Mountain Plaza

  • 209 Ten Mile Cir
  • Copper Mountain,
  • CO
  • 80443


Mountain Plaza Condominiums.

The Mountain Plaza Condos are located In the heart of Copper Mountain Ski Resort’s Center Village, at the base of the American Eagle lift. The skylights on these units have reached their lifetime limit and are leaking. The management company in charge of maintenance covered them temporarily and started reaching out to see what were the best solutions.

It became evident that either a new skylight or new replacement glass was needed. The structure was in good shape and a re-glaze is less costly than a new skylight and the option that was chosen. However, to ensure a long term weatherproof condition, all the exterior caps are being replaced and the flashing, which was never installed correctly, is also being re-worked.

We Will Replace Glazing:

Remove existing skylight glazing and replace with new glazing, glazing caps and wet seal.

  • Existing flashing was installed in a manner that does provide access to glazing caps around the perimeter. Fixing this problem is the first step in providing a skylight that can have access to replacing the glass now and in the future.
  • Remove and replace glass, includes gasket inspection and renewal, if needed.
  • New glazing caps with snap caps that hide all fasteners and prevents any water penetration through those fasteners.
  • Final silicone wet seal.
  • Glass cleaning 

Product Used:

Skylight Inspection | Rochester

  • 1111 Jefferson Rd
  • Rochester,
  • NY
  • 14623


A DoubleTree by Hilton Skylight Inspection and Certification. 

An onsite skylight survey and inspection was made on 6/13/2017 by Skylight Specialists, Inc., represented by Josh Hannon.

238’ x 71’ (nominal) – 500+ sections of glazing (glass, single slope, structural aluminum I-beam, 80’s era skylight).

  • Glazing: Glass, tempered over tempered, clear, not fall protected.
  • Structure: Adequate spacing and size structural aluminum frame.
  • Anchors: Anchoring system is rusted and requires further discovery..
  • Evaluation: Skylight gutter at wall leaks and is causing major rusting of the structural frame underneath. Three glass units are cracked and need replaced. Sealants are old and not properly applied and need replaced.
  • Flashing: Access unavailable.
  • Curb: Access unavailable.
  • Rating: 4 of 10
  • Expected Life Span: 5-10 years.
  • Recommendation: Continued maintenance for 3-5 years – Replacement of system in 5-10 years.

Evaluation of The Skylight.

System from the 1980’s showing its age with common signs of failure. All of the sections of glazing show signs of at least minor moisture and/or history of moisture. Interior anchoring system shows signs of extensive rusting and related damage. Further inspection will be required.

Inspection/Certification Nationwide —
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Velux Modular Ridgelight | Englewood, CO

  • Cherryridge Rd
  • Englewood,
  • CO
  • 80113

Our First Installation of the New VMS System by Velux.

This residence in the Cherry Hills Village neighborhood is a perfect candidate for the new Velux Modular Skylight (VMS) system introduced this year by Velux USA.

What We Will Do:

We will supply and install one twenty four unit VMS Ridgelight with electric roller blinds. The system includes building management integration into the HVAC system for automatic building climate control energy savings mode—integrates with 24v DC current open/close contact relay input.

Product Used:

  • Velux VMS Ridgelight.
  • 24 skylight modules total, module size 35.4″ x 55.1 “.
  • Fixed units with shades.


  • Awaiting completion of the job.

Site Built Barrel Vault | Lakeview Cemetery

  • 12100 E 13th St N
  • Wichita,
  • KS
  • 67206


Lakeview Cemetery Skylight Retrofit – Acrylic to Polycarbonate.

Time has taken its toll on the original skylight—replacement is the only answer. This particular skylight presents another issue—a width of 14 feet. What this means is, even though we consider this a medium unit retrofit, it is on the larger end of the scale and must be constructed on site. 

What We Are Doing:

The best solution? A polycarbonate, low rise, barrel vault skylight manufactured by CPI Daylighting. CPI engineers excel at creating high performance custom skylight solutions. 

Product Used:

  • CPI Daylighting 4″ Quadwall Low Rise Barrel Vault, Gable Ends.
  • 14.00′  X 29.08′. 15.58 odc. 525 sq. Ft. Flashing along sill included.

Some Benefits:

  • The balance between the amount of daylight and solar heat gain and heat loss will be vastly improved.
  • The owners will love the energy savings and increase in the facility’s property value provided by the new skylights.
  • Welcoming, natural daylight in the space with soft translucent light and accurate color rendition.
  • No required maintenance or re-coating costs—individual exterior panels  are easily replaced.
  • Superior hail resistance—an important factor in Wichita.

Pyramid Skylight | Aurora Federal CU

  • 610 S Abilene St
  • Aurora,
  • CO
  • 80012

Polycarbonate Pyramid Skylight to be Installed in Aurora.

Aurora Federal Credit Union was originally chartered in 1968 by City of Aurora employees. This location is the main branch.

What We Will Do:

Furnish & install 1 CPI Daylighting Direct2Fab Quadwall pyramid skylight with flashing. D2F is a fast delivery program for custom sized skylights.
Curb support by others includes a non-penetrating safety railing around the skylight.

Product Used:


  • Awaiting completion of job.

Skylight Inspection | Fort Lauderdale

  • 2670 E Sunrise Blvd
  • Fort Lauderdale,
  • FL
  • 33304


GALLERYone—a DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Skylight Inspection and Certification. 

An onsite skylight survey and inspection was made on 6/9/2017 by Skylight Specialists, Inc., represented by Rob Packard.

Porte-cochère – Skylight Manufacturer: Unknown.
One (1) 47’ x 55’ (nominal) glass, single slope with curved fronts, structural, original skylight.

  • Glazing: Glass, laminate, green, single glazed, fall protected.
  • Structure: Adequate spacing and size structural aluminum frame.
  • Anchors: Anchoring system is rusted and requires further discovery..
  • Evaluation: Skylight gutter at wall leaks and is causing major rusting of the structural frame underneath. Three glass units are cracked and need replaced. Sealants are old and not properly applied and need replaced.
  • Flashing: Not properly sealed to wall and is leaking.
  • Rating: 5 of 10
  • Expected Life Span: 10-25 years.
  • Recommendation: The skylight can be fixed but will require a redesign (we can do) of the existing gutter that sits next to the wall. The external beauty caps on top of the system have peeling paint and will need to be re-clad to allow for a watertight reseal. Three glass units are shattered and need to be replaced. Leaks are creating structural damage below the gutter.

Room Skylights – Skylight Manufacturer: Unknown –
Fourteen (14) – 6’ width (nominal) glass, bent curve, original skylight.

  • Glazing: Glass, laminate, bronze tint, single glazed, fall protected.
  • Structure: Perimeter supported, adequate.
  • Evaluation: Flashing at wall is rusted and failing, glazing extrusions with center snap cap failing, flat roof areas leaking. No weep holes at bottom of sill, operable windows may be an issue.
  • Flashing: Leaking.
  • Rating: 3 of 10
  • Recommendation: Increase pitch of flat roof areas and reseal with new rubber roofing material, including end walls. Apply Dow Corning 123 Silicone seal over caps and caulk to glazing. Sill flashing may or may not have to be reworked. Head flashing needs replaced at wall. Leaks are causing damage to the building and creating mold issues.

Courtyard – Skylight Manufacturer: Unknown.
(1) 6’ x 30’ and (1) 6’ x 50’ (nominal) glass, curved upper glass with vertical glass below, original skylight.

  • Glazing: Glass, laminate, tinted and green in color, single glazed, fall protected.
  • Structure: Adequate spacing and size structural aluminum frame.
  • Anchors: Adequate anchor size and count around perimeter.
  • Evaluation: System is in fairly good shape, although there may be various leaks from time to time. These two skylights can be addressed after the other skylights have been resolved.
  • Rating: 8 of 10
  • Expected Life Span: 10-25 years.
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Polycarbonate Canopy | Louisville, CO

  • 1190 W Hecla Dr
  • Louisville,
  • CO
  • 80027

Kestrel Senior Living Center Polycarbonate Canopy.

n 2013, Boulder County purchased the 13-acre Alkonis property. The property, now known as Kestrel, is located just northwest of Highway 42 and South Boulder Road in Louisville. Kestrel will include 71 units for people 55 and older and another 129 units for families.

Construction began in February 2016. Staff anticipate that the first units will be ready for occupancy by April 2017. The remaining units will then be completed in phases, by building, through approximately March 2018.

What We Will Do:

  • Supply and install a polycarbonate canopy at the entrance to the Senior Living Center.

Product Used:

  • 1 unit – CPI Daylighting ULITE SINGLE SLOPE polycarbonate canopy. 
  • 8.29′ wide x 55.95′ long odc. 464 sq. ft.


  • Awaiting completion.

Skylight Inspection | Columbia Greystone

  • 200 Stoneridge Dr
  • Columbia,
  • SC
  • 29210



An Embassy Suites by Hilton Skylight Inspection and Certification.  

An onsite skylight survey and inspection was made on 6/8/2017 by Skylight Specialists, Inc., represented by Jon Kolenc.

Atrium skylights – Skylight Manufacturer: Unknown.

 Twenty-six (26) 7’ wide x various lengths totaling 584 linear feet (nominal) acrylic, barrel vault, curb mount, original skylight.

  • Glazing: Acrylic, white, dual glazed, not fall protected.
  • Structure: Perimeter supported, adequate.
  • Anchors: Adequate anchor size and count around perimeter.
  • Curbs: Adequate height and flashing in good shape.
  • Flashing: Joints need resealed.
  • Evaluation: Exterior lens are cracked and need replaced.
  • Rating: 3 of 10
  • Expected Life Span: 1-3 years.
  • Recommendation: Because of this particular skylight frame design, we recommend that these skylights be re-built instead of replaced. Once rebuilt the life span would increase to 10-25 years.

Issues Found:

  • All outer acrylic lenses on all 26 skylights need to be replaced with new polycarbonate lenses and new gaskets and sealants. Total lens replacement is 96 panels plus two end walls have cracked exterior clear lenses. White inner lenses should be adequate.
  • Access to perform work is acceptable.
  • Cracks and missing panels as seen in the picture below leaves the skylights very susceptible to leaks and possible breach into the interior.
  • These skylights are very unsafe in current condition and repairs should be performed as soon as possible.
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