Skylight Inspection | Cache Valley Mall

  • 1300 N Main St
  • Logan,
  • UT
  • 84341

Skylight Inspection and Certification


An onsite skylight survey and inspection was made on 7/26/2016 by Skylight Specialists, Inc.
Represented by Rob Packard.

Skylights on the site:

  1. 2 Glass Saddle Ridge Skylights  – insulated glass units with frit pattern. Total 148 glass units. 
  2. 14 Unit Pyramid Skylights in Clusters – bronze over clear, acrylic, curb mount, 5’ x 5’ nominal. Three clusters of 4 ea and one cluster of 2 ea.
  3. 12 Unit Pyramid Skylights – White over clear,  acrylic, curb mount, 4’ x 4’ nominal. 

What We Found:

  1. Glass Skylights:
    1. The skylight frame and flashing are in good shape.
    2. All glass units have failed seals and show fogged glass. About 10% -15% have visibly etched glass. 
  2. Cluster Skylights:
    1. Roofers have disassembled and reassembled skylights. 
    2. Gasketing, silicone and fasteners are not up to manufacturers specifications. Screws are missing or placed incorrectly, incorrect fasteners used, etc. 
    3. The skylight frames were fit tight to the curbs which can cause expansion/contraction problems with the frames and lenses. 
    4. Gutters were replaced with the same material as the roofing. They retain water but are in good condition, no leaks reported. 
  3. Unit Skylights: All units are in good shape; however the shaft openings are blocked on the interior.
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Skylight Certification | Hilton Cincinnati Airport

  • 7373 Turfway Rd
  • Florence,
  • KY
  • 41042

Skylight Inspection and Certification


An onsite skylight survey and inspection was made on 12/28/2016 by Skylight Specialists, Inc.
Represented by Rob Packard.

Skylights on the site:

  1. One (1) 14’ x 23’ (nominal) glass single sloped skylight.
  2. Sixteen (16) skylights – 4’ x 155’ (nominal total linear feet) with various sizes of saddle ridge (2) and curb mount (14) with bent-acrylic ridges.

What We Found:

  1. Two panes were discovered to be cracked and there are probably more but a good cleaning is required to see all the cracks. 
  2. The acrylic skylights are single glazed acrylic which is a serious fall hazard and not up to code. The glazing has visible signs of dirt and debris on the interior. Source is from large weep holes that let dirt and snow blow in. The skylights are not energy efficient. 
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Unit Skylight Retrofit – Promontory Condominiums

  • 7000 E Quincy Ave
  • Denver,
  • CO
  • 80237

Hail Damaged Barrel Vault Skylights.

Promontory Condominiums is located in extreme southeast  Denver near the intersection of I-25 and I-225. There are six buildings comprising 72 units, situated on 7.5 acres of land.

Each building has three barrel vault skylights that were severely damaged earlier this year during one of Colorado’s violent hailstorms and require a unit skylight retrofit.

We Will Supply and Install Custom Skylight Retrofits.

The skylights are being manufactured by American Skylights. This company takes a different approach to skylights—all skylights are made to order. With accurate measurements, a perfect fit is insured. With a delivery time of two to three weeks. An economical skylight with very good value for the buck.

The Surrounding Metal.

As you see in the images above, each skylight curb sits atop another curb. This curb is flashed in metal that has been abused by hail and time. We will be replacing that metal in addition to the skylight retrofits.

Product Used:

  • American Skylights:
  • (18) 27.5″ x 255.5″ bronze / clear 6 bay barrel vault skylights with vertical ends.


Fiberglass Skylight Repair | Seagate Technology

  • 389 Disc Dr
  • Longmont,
  • CO
  • 80503


Fiberglass Skylight Repairs or Replacement?

We continuously come across this problem of replacing failed fiberglass skylights and the price tag that brings to the unsuspecting building owner. They really don’t budget for skylight failure when their buildings are only fifteen years old. (or in some cases older)

In this case the replacement price tag was simply not within the budget. But fortunately we do have a way to extend the life of the skylight, for at least another five to seven years, that costs much less.

What We Will Do:

  • We clean off all caulking and dirt from the panels
  • The panels have to be completely dry and above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • We cover the exterior skin with a two-part UV rated resin called gel coat. This protects and weatherproofs the fiberglass.
  • We then apply new silicone sealants to the edges of caps and flashings for a permanent watertight seal.

Product Used:


  • Awaiting Completion

Glass Skylight Consultation | The Franklin Hotel

  • 311 W Franklin St
  • Chapel Hill,
  • NC
  • 27516


Glass Skylight Inspection and Certification

An onsite skylight survey and inspection was made on a glass skylight on August 24th 2016 by Skylight Specialists, Inc. Represented by Danny Packard.

Glass Skylights on the site:

  1. One (1) 20’ x 30’ (nominal) structural, insulated glass, hipped ridge skylights

What We Found:

  1. Overall, skylights are in excellent condition and should continue to maintain water tight seal as expected. The film will need to be replaced or glass panes replaced with tinted glass in the next 3 years.
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Skylight Certification | Hilton Brentwood/Nashville

  • 9000 Overlook Blvd
  • Brentwood,
  • TN
  • 37027

Skylight Inspection and Certification


An onsite skylight survey and inspection was made on 8/25/2016 by Skylight Specialists, Inc.
Represented by Danny Packard.

Skylights on the site:

  1. (2) 19’ x 19’ (nominal) structural, acrylic, pyramid skylights. These are in a saw tooth pattern and in a cluster. These skylights are located over the hotel atrium.
  2. (2) 10’ by 10’ (nominal) structural, acrylic, pyramid skylights. These skylights are located over the pool. 

What We Found:

  1. Both the inboard and outboard lights have crazing, cracking and all skylights show signs of condensation. 

  2. Numerous attempted repairs have been made to the skylights, none effective.  The “repairs”  consist of dumping on tar or mastic, using the wrong sealants, roofing tar, roofing tape ( with large holes in it caused by animals), rubber backer rod to help with gutters and others.
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Skylight Certification | Double Tree by Hilton Atlanta

  • 2780 Windy Ridge Pkwy SE
  • Atlanta,
  • GA
  • 30339

Hilton Skylight Certification

Hilton likes to have a skylight certification at least once every five years for a couple of reasons. First, to ensure there are no structural problems with the skylights. And second, to gain an understanding of the overall condition of the skylights and their life expectancy.hilton inspection interior comp 24011

Skylight Inspection:

  • Inspect structural members for corrosion or signs of being under- engineered.
  • Inspect anchors for signs of corrosion and properly anchored and  embedded as initially installed.
  1. (2 ea.) 12’ x 36’ nominal.
  2. (1 ea.) 12’ x 12’ nominal.

What We Found:

  • Several of the domes are cracked and need replaced.
  • The skylights are old and have eceeded their life expectancy.
  • The skylights are energy sponges, letting in too much heat in the summer and loosing heat in the winter.
  • The roofing around the skylights is relatively new and in good shape.
  • The curbs and support structure are adequate.
  • The rafters under the skylights have collected dust over the years and should be cleaned, which we can do while the skylights are being replaced.


Priority One. If any life threatening issues with the skylights are discovered, that information gets reported to the building manager immediately. Decisions will need to be made to protect the public.

After the inspection is completed, the building manager receives a complete report that informs him of:

  • The overall condition of his skylights including structural integrity.
  • The costs and a timeline of repairs needed or foreseen. A big aid for budget planning—we can assess when these repairs should be performed.
  • With the knowledge of the exact repairs needed, the manager can make an informed decision to use local help or use our expert repair crews.
  • The manager also receives a schedule addressing the life expectancy of the skylights with recommendations on replacements. Replacements may bring benefits that a repair cannot bring. An example is better light and thermal performance. In some situations we can supply daylighting studies with energy analysis.


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Uniquad Wall-Lights | Waste Management Denver

  • 2400 Union St
  • Englewood,
  • CO
  • 80110

Daylighting a New Facility at Denver’s Waste Management Location.

Construction has begun on a new building at Denver’s Waste Management location. Part of the plan is to daylight the building with wall-lights. Skylight Specialists, Inc. has been selected to supply and install CPI Daylighting’s new Uniquad system.

Projected to begin first quarter 2017.

What We Will Do:

  • Supply and install two CPI Daylighting Uniquad Wall Lights at the General Contractor’s schedule.

Product Used:

  • CPI Daylighting Uniquad Wall Lights
  • D2F 2.75″ UNIQUAD WALL LIGHT 5.00′ high x 56.00′ long odc. 280 sq. ft.
  • D2F 2.75″ UNIQUAD WALL LIGHT 5.00′ high x 44.00′ long odc. 220 sq. ft.


  • We are awaiting completion.

Uniquad Wall Lights | City of Lakewood

  • 2200 S Kipling Street
  • Lakewood,
  • CO
  • 80227

Daylighting an Urban Park Restroom Facility.

On August 10, 2016, ground was broken for the City of Lakewood’s Carmody Park redevelopment project.

The first phase of this project is the construction of Lakewood’s first universally accessible playground. It will provide an opportunity for park visitors of all ages and abilities to play together. In addition to the playground, Phase I includes a year-round restroom facility, multi-use court, picnic shelters and an expansion of the current parking lot.

The playground is expected to be completed in Winter 2016, and landscaping will take place in Spring 2017.

The project is funded in part by Jefferson County Open Space, Great Outdoors Colorado and the Colorado Lottery.

What We Did:

We have been selected to supply and install CPI Daylighting’s new Uniquad Wall-Light system on the new restroom facility. With project construction beginning in August and a completion date before spring, scheduling was critical. The advantage of CPI’s D2F program using pre-engineered components got the product here on time. And the quick and easy installation of the unitized system allowed us to smoothly integrate with the contractor’s schedule.

General Contractor—Klatke Construction Management.

Product Used:

  • CPI Daylighting Direct 2 Fab  Uniquad Wall Light.
  • 1 Unit D2F 3″ Uniquad wall light 4.5′ x 34′ 153 sq. ft.


  • The installation went off without a hitch at the contractor’s schedule,
  • Direct 2 Fab manufacturing allowed us to complete the project in just five weeks from the date the contract was signed.
  • The Uniquad unitized construction system allowed us to install the wall-lights with two men in two days.
  • The savings in installation costs allowed us to complete the project for less than $10,000.

Cluster Skylight Retrofit | Westlands Properties

  • 1600 Range St
  • Boulder,
  • CO
  • 80301


Acrylic Teardrop Shaped Skylight

The problem with acrylic teardrop skylights is that they are custom made and hard to duplicate without removing the existing domes to get exact patterns as needed. This can be done, however it is time consuming and labor intensive and whenever the domes are already cracked they are nearly impossible to remove without breaking apart.

The Best Solution:

We will utilize our MAGS BAR Glazing System

  • Flush glazing.
  • Cleaner look.
  • Proper water runoff.
  • Easy glazing replacement in the future.

Product Used:


  • Pending completion of the job.

• Design/Build • Repair-Replace-Retrofit • Consulting