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Mountain Plaza Condominiums.

The Mountain Plaza Condos are located In the heart of Copper Mountain Ski Resort’s Center Village, at the base of the American Eagle lift. The skylights on these units have reached their lifetime limit and are leaking. The management company in charge of maintenance covered them temporarily and started reaching out to see what were the best solutions.

It became evident that either a new skylight or new replacement glass was needed. The structure was in good shape and a re-glaze is less costly than a new skylight and the option that was chosen. However, to ensure a long term weatherproof condition, all the exterior caps are being replaced and the flashing, which was never installed correctly, is also being re-worked.

We Will Replace Glazing:

Remove existing skylight glazing and replace with new glazing, glazing caps and wet seal.

  • Existing flashing was installed in a manner that does provide access to glazing caps around the perimeter. Fixing this problem is the first step in providing a skylight that can have access to replacing the glass now and in the future.
  • Remove and replace glass, includes gasket inspection and renewal, if needed.
  • New glazing caps with snap caps that hide all fasteners and prevents any water penetration through those fasteners.
  • Final silicone wet seal.
  • Glass cleaning 

Product Used:

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