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New Elementary School Daylighting

The Stagecoach Elementary School Gets Natural Daylight with New Building The groundbreaking for the new Sweetwater County School District #1 Stagecoach Elementary School started July 21st, 2014, and scheduled to open for the start of the school year in 2015. School Daylighting Daylighting has been shown in many studies to help students learning and performance in … Continue reading New Elementary School Daylighting

Velux Sun Tunnels for Kelly Walsh High School

The New High School Building for Kelly Walsh Integrates Velux Sun Tunnels Kelly Walsh High School is the main secondary public education institution in Casper, WY. First opened in 1956, they are finally expanding with a three part renovation and redesign project. A key aspect of the project is the installation of 195 Velux Sun Tunnels … Continue reading Velux Sun Tunnels for Kelly Walsh High School

Structural Engineering of Skylights Solves Problems

Skylight Structural Engineering Solves Big Problems at the University of Wyoming The original skylights at the American Heritage Center in Laramie, WY, never performed as expected.  The skylights were designed to be flush with the roofing for aesthetic reasons, but the manufacturer’s system failed miserably for many different reasons. In fact, they’re no longer in business.  How … Continue reading Structural Engineering of Skylights Solves Problems

Setting Glazing with a Crane

How you set glass when the glass units are too heavy to lift manually or in a location that can’t be reached through normal methods

This project at the University of Wyoming, on the American Heritage Building in Laramie, WY, required the removal and replacement of roughly 10 large skylights along with several dozen smaller skylights. The skylights themselves consisted of roughly 10 units of glass that weighed between 300-450 pounds. The roof was being replaced at the same time as the skylights which required the building to be completely enclosed with scaffolding. This scaffolding actually hampered our ability to remove and replace the glass without damaging the new glass. The scaffolding blocked the easier access we’d have without it being in place.

Flush-mount skylights

American Heritage Building, Laramie, WY Skylight Replacement Problem: A unique shaped building has unique problems to solve concerning keeping water out and in this case humidity in. This re-roof project requires the skylights to be removed and re-installed at the new roof elevation. All skylights are wedge-shaped and of different sizes. Some of the skylights … Continue reading Flush-mount skylights

New Skylights Brighten Up an “Old” School

East High School in Cheyenne Wyoming received a “face lift” over the last three years, including bringing in natural daylight through Velux Commercial 22″ Sun Tunnels For three years our crews have made the trip from Denver to Cheyenne, Wyoming to install Velux Sun Tunnels in classrooms and hallways. The difference in the lighting is … Continue reading New Skylights Brighten Up an “Old” School