Anchor Center for Blind Children Wall Lights Installation

  • 2550 Roslyn St
  • Denver,
  • CO
  • 80238

Controlling Glare and Utilizing Daylight with a Wall Lights Installation Anchor Center for Blind Children teaches visually impaired infants,  young children and their families. Children  with blindness learn in different ways than sighted children, and both their learning environment and activities need to be adapted to their unique needs. The architect on this project wanted … Continue reading Anchor Center for Blind Children Wall Lights Installation

Holiday Inn Hotel Skylight Retrofit

  • 148 Sheraton Drive
  • New Cumberland,
  • PA
  • 17070

Damaged Hotel Skylight by Well-Meaning Hotel Employee The problem with the hotel skylight was monumental and it was self-created because the owner’s own employee claimed that he could fix it. Fix it he did! This skylight was originally designed to slide open to provide air into the space above the swimming pool.  As these skylights … Continue reading Holiday Inn Hotel Skylight Retrofit

Disney Marina Hotel Skylight Repair

  • 1313 S Harbor Blvd
  • Anaheim,
  • CA
  • 92803

Round Skylights Take Special Consideration During Skylight Repair These round skylights are located in the porte cochere for the Disney Marina Hotel. This is the area where you pull up in any kind of weather and unload your vehicle of passengers and cargo. There are beautiful stained glass globes that hang beneath these skylights that “glow” … Continue reading Disney Marina Hotel Skylight Repair

Quadrangle Center Skylight Repair

  • 1000 S Main St
  • Salinas,
  • CA
  • 93901

Fix My Skylights Or We Are Moving! Monterey County Department of Social Services couldn’t stand to have leaking skylights any longer. Their ultimatum to the owner was, fix my skylights, and fix them properly this time, or we are moving. The owner took it to heart because they were the largest tenant he had. Two things … Continue reading Quadrangle Center Skylight Repair

Foothills Academy School Skylights

  • 4725 Miller St
  • Wheat Ridge,
  • CO
  • 80033

School Skylights Add Daylight to Improve the Classroom  Environment. When the school board decided to remodel its Art Department, one of its goals was to improve the quality of light in the classrooms by adding skylights. Foothills Academy was a private school in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. It offered pre-kindergarten through Grade 12. The school was founded … Continue reading Foothills Academy School Skylights