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Structural Dome Retrofit – Lausanne Condos Completed!

The skylight retrofit has been completed. All work has been completed.  The Lausanne Condominiums in Naples Florida is a beachfront high-rise building, actually two buildings, in the Moorings neighborhood. The Lausanne was built in 1980 and features structural dome skylights, its own beach access and is located close to the Moorings Country Club. Endorsement Before … Continue reading Structural Dome Retrofit – Lausanne Condos Completed!

Scaffolding Solutions Under Skylights

Protecting the People Replacing skylights that are installed over large areas, such as an atrium in an office building or a mall, begins with scaffolding solutions planning on how to protect the public and keep the job site safe for the workers while the replacement is under way. Many times a one story scaffolding “tunnel” that … Continue reading Scaffolding Solutions Under Skylights

19th Century Denver Building Gets Curb Mount Skylight Replacements

Denver Railway Co. Horse Barn Revitalized Built in 1872, the Denver Railway Company used the building to house and care for the horses that pulled their street cars. Located at 33rd and Arapahoe, the building had three sections: a two-story stable and hayloft, office and storage space, and a two-track car barn. The building was purchased … Continue reading 19th Century Denver Building Gets Curb Mount Skylight Replacements

Skylight Problem Solving at Trinity Lutheran Church

Failed Skylight at the Trinity Lutheran Church The local church had a failed ridge light skylight above their grand sanctuary that needed some skylight problem solving. They contacted us to examine and determine the best course of action, and after our estimate, we decided it would be best to replace all the skylights. On top of … Continue reading Skylight Problem Solving at Trinity Lutheran Church

Structural Engineering of Skylights Solves Problems

Skylight Structural Engineering Solves Big Problems at the University of Wyoming The original skylights at the American Heritage Center in Laramie, WY, never performed as expected.  The skylights were designed to be flush with the roofing for aesthetic reasons, but the manufacturer’s system failed miserably for many different reasons. In fact, they’re no longer in business.  How … Continue reading Structural Engineering of Skylights Solves Problems

Ickes-Braun Glasshouses Inc

Ickes-Braun Glasshouses or Greenhouses Can be Repaired Ickes-Braun in it’s day built glazed structures – namely, greenhouses, skylights, housing for swimming pools, conservatories, solaria, housings for exhibit and display areas, botanical gardens, laboratories, atria, roof structures and many other glazed structures such as domes, ridges, pyramids and polygon skylights. You probably already know by now … Continue reading Ickes-Braun Glasshouses Inc

Commercial Skylight Replacement

Skylight Replacement If you know a little about the history of commercial construction for malls and other retail buildings in the United States, you would be aware that in the late 70’s there was a building boom that trickled out in the early 80’s. During that building boom there were malls being built all over … Continue reading Commercial Skylight Replacement