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Why Passive Fall Protection is Important

Man Breaks Both Legs After Falling Through Skylight At Bed-Stuy Roof Party A man was seriously injured after falling through the skylight of a roof in Brooklyn early Sunday, officials said.  The 25-year-old man was attending a party in Bed-Stuy at 185 Malcolm X Boulevard when he plunged through the rooftop window at around 1 … Continue reading Why Passive Fall Protection is Important

Importance of Fall Protection Skylights

Young College Student Fell Through Skylight The linked article below discusses a case where a young college student fell through a skylight at a party. One of the interesting aspects of this situation was the fact that the building owners or contractor had actually removed the skylight glazing and installed plywood over the opening. To … Continue reading Importance of Fall Protection Skylights

Park City Center Lancaster, PA Skylight Project

Replace acrylic domed skylights for better insulation, fall protection and light quality The owners for this mall in Lancaster, PA had made the wise decision to replace the troublesome acrylic skylights with an entirely new and different skylight option. Many times we see maintenance crews, the do-it-yourselfers or even the so called qualified skylight guys … Continue reading Park City Center Lancaster, PA Skylight Project

Skylight Fall Protection At It’s Best

Leading the fight for increased safety in skylight fall protection Skylight Specialist Inc. has seen a dramatic increase in fall protection quote requests as buildings age and fall protection becomes more and more of a concern. From warehouse owners in up state New York to Industrial park owners in Modesto California the questions are all … Continue reading Skylight Fall Protection At It’s Best

Fall Protection

Velux offers fall protection for their domed skylights. I just read an article again this week about a roofer falling through a skylight to his death. Fall protection is very important for saving lives. Below is information released by Velux recently: Fall protection was established by OSHA to provide a safe and healthful working environment for … Continue reading Fall Protection

Skylights Safety Screens Requirements

What kind of Fall Protection is needed for commercial skylights? Fall protection is required for skylights on commercial properties. There are exceptions and you should check with OSHIA regulations to be sure what is required. Some types of skylight materials don’t need additional protection such as translucent fiberglass or polycarbonate glazing. We do supply the … Continue reading Skylights Safety Screens Requirements

Skylight Screens

Fall Protection screens or Fall Guards The FallGuard™ Skylight Screen is a safety product that offers “passive protection” to prevent falls through acrylic dome and corrugated fiberglass skylights. “Passive protection” safety products do not rely on hazard recognition or the taking of appropriate action to avoid a hazard. Call us and we’ll provide a quote … Continue reading Skylight Screens

Fall Guards for Skylights

How to keep people from falling through your acrylic skylights There are two types of fall guards. The most common and least expensive is the type that mounts on the exterior of the skylight. This is a wire mesh type product designed for fall protection. The other type is a burglar bar product that mounts … Continue reading Fall Guards for Skylights