Custom MAGS BAR Skylight for Pinnacle Apartment Clubhouse

Custom MAGS BAR Skylight for New Fitness Facility

Pinnacle Apartment Homes was updating and renovating their clubhouse and installing a new fitness area for their tenants. They hired Ace Construction Services to design and build the remodel, who contacted us about getting more daylight into the building.

We scheduled an evaluation with the contractor and met them onsite. They wanted something that would open up the room and make it more inviting and well lit. But, they did not want to alter the framing or have to re-roof the building, so the options were limited.

We at Skylight Specialists, Inc. have designed and built our own skylighting system, MAGS BAR, especially for these situations. MAGS BAR is a low profile, custom glazing system that allows for many design challenges and situations, and would work perfectly for their needs.

We were able to remove the roof only where necessary, level and plumb the trusses to help the aesthetics, install the MAGS BAR as a saddle ridge skylight all, flash and waterproof everything and finish off the roofing all within their budget and time frame.

The custom MAGS BAR system provides lots of natural daylight, a beautiful to the outdoors, and opened the low flat ceiling to a vaulted atrium look, making the room feel larger and more open.

Read the full project here:

MAGS BAR Saddle Ridge Skylight – Pinnacle Apartment Homes


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