Bryant University MAGS BAR Dome Skylight Retrofit Is Underway!

Our MAGS BAR Makes this Retrofit Very Cost Effective.

The existing glazing system on this Uni structure was faulty from the start.
  • The curb of the apex skylight was too low.
  • The  horizontal glazing members did not drain properly into the main vertical rafter system.
  • The glazing was not adequate in thickness.
  • The rise of the individual domes was too low.

It may have met codes in 1971 when it was built, but it was a problematic design from the beginning. The system leaked and the domes collapsed under heavy snow loads.

After our initial consultation it was determined a glass skylight was not feasible because the building itself would not withstand the loads nor meet the new seismic codes now in effect.

In this case, a skylight retrofit using acrylic glazing and our own MAGS BAR System was a superior option. It cost less than a new skylight, but in effect that is exactly what they are getting—a new skylight. By leaving the structure in place and installing a new glazing system with new domes that were thicker and had a higher profile, snowload requirements were surpassed.

The skylight they are now receiving is what they should have received from the original installation—properly designed to carry all loads and it will not leak.

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Product Used:

  • 140 arched domes manufactured by Skyline Sky-Lites. 3/8″ thick acrylic #2370 bronze.
  • This is a non-structural, all aluminum, glazing bar with neoprene gaskets. It allows for the simple installation of glazing on any structure and with any design.

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