North Colorado Springs Readiness Center Wall Lights

  • 9510 Voyager Pkwy
  • Colorado Springs
  • CO
  • 80921

Wall Lights and Skylights Provide Natural Daylighting at the North Colorado Springs Readiness Center The design of the North Colorado Springs Readiness Center is conceived as a modernist architectural expression with subtle references to the Colorado region.  Defining characteristics include rectilinear forms, open interior spaces, large expanses of glass, Nano-celled polycarbonate wall lights and skylights with … Continue reading North Colorado Springs Readiness Center Wall Lights

Battle Command Training Center Wall Lights Installation

  • Fort Carson
  • Colorado Springs,
  • CO

Controlling Glare and Utilizing Daylight with Wall Lights How to provide a well-lit, productive working environment  at the Battle Command Training Center – located at Fort Carson, CO –  and still maintain a safe and secure environment for the soldiers. This is the third training center (of its kind) constructed in the Army, it takes … Continue reading Battle Command Training Center Wall Lights Installation

HAATS Wall Lights Installation

  • 315 Airport Rd
  • Gypsum,
  • CO
  • 81631

High-Altitude Army Aviation Training Site (HAATS) Uses Natural Daylighting HAATS located in Gypsum, Colorado, comprises an aviation training facility that includes administration, training classrooms, flight operations, maintenance hangars for Chinook helicopters, allied maintenance shops, and 32 lodging rooms. Run by full-time Colorado Army National Guard pilots, HAATS is specifically designed to train military pilots from any branch in … Continue reading HAATS Wall Lights Installation

HM Brown Skylight Replacement

  • 6532 S Revere Pkwy
  • Centennial,
  • CO
  • 80111

Hail Damage, Rattling, Panels Popping— All Solved with a Skylight Replacement. This large structural barrel vault skylight had hail damage to the exterior skin of this quadwall skylight. The exterior panels needed to be removed and replaced. The building owner had some requirements on light transmittance and noise deflection. He wanted a lower light transmittance. … Continue reading HM Brown Skylight Replacement

Joint Forces Readiness Center Wall Lights Installation

  • 5800 Central Ave
  • Cheyenne,
  • WY
  • 82005

Wyoming National Guard Joint Forces Readiness Center Polycarbonate Wall Lights Installation The Wyoming Military Department opened its new Joint Forces Readiness Center to the public  December 16th 2010. The $40 million project, located at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, will serve as the new home for the Wyoming Military Department, the Wyoming Air National Guard and … Continue reading Joint Forces Readiness Center Wall Lights Installation