Ridgelight with Beam

Ridgelight at 5° pitch generates the illusion of a small glass roof with discreet transverse horizontal supporting beams.

  • Product Type
    Modular Ridgelight
  • Specified Slope

    The flashing allows for installations with a 5° pitch.

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Ridgelight is mounted on a rail system that guarantees fast and secure installation.

Mounting bracket

The galvanized steel mounting bracket at the bottom and the interlocking ridge bracket at the top ensures a precise and easy installation.

Supporting beam

The prefabricated VELUX beams support the modules and create a 5 ° pitch. The beams are mounted on the sub-construction.


The prefabricated modular flashing comes with integrated insulation. The flashing ensures a 100% waterproof installation and seamless integration between roof material and skylights.

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