• 1900 Tamiami Trail N
  • Naples,
  • FL
  • 34102

Mall Skylight Inspection and Consultation

Coastland Center is a shopping mall located in Naples, Florida. Opened in 1976, it features Sears, Macy’s, J.C. Penney, and Dillard’s as its anchors. It hosts a food court and many other specialty stores.

An onsite skylight inspection and survey was made on January 25th 2012 by Skylight Specialists, Inc. Represented by Rob Packard.

Skylights of concern are the acrylic barrel vault, acrylic pyramid and two center court glass polygon skylights on the site:

  1. (10 ea.) Structural Glass Ridges. 14’ x 22’ nominal.
    (2 ea.) Structural Glass Ridges. 8’ x 28’ nominal.
  2. (2 ea.) Structural Glass Polygons. 13’ per side, 34’ across nominal.
  3. (1 ea.) Structural Glass Pyramid. 17’ x 17’ nominal.
    (12 ea.) Structural Glass Pyramid. 8’ x 8’ nominal.
    (2 ea.) Structural Glass Pyramid. 12’ x 12’ nominal.
  4. (1 ea.) Acrylic Barrel Vault Skylight. 6’ x 60’ nominal.
  5. (1 ea.) Structural Glass Pyramid. 13’ x 13’ nominal (Covered with roofing material).

Our Skylight Inspection Found:

C. Acrylic Barrel Vault Skylight
  1. (1 ea.) Acrylic Pyramid, covered with roofing. Original acrylic skylight from 1977. Needs to be replaced.
  2. (12 ea.) Structural Glass Ridge Skylights. Replaced in 2006, all are in good shape. No work needed. Single glazed.
  3. (1 ea.) Acrylic Barrel Vault Skylight – original skylight from 1977. Cracked and fogged acrylic. Gaskets are degraded. Parts are falling off. Very bad shape and needs to be replaced.
  4. (2 ea.) Structural Glass Polygon Skylights. Replaced in 1996, both are leaking. One is in much worse shape than the other, due to poor or degraded sealants.
  5. (3 ea.) Structural Glass Pyramid Skylights. One replaced in 1996, two replaced in 2006. Single glazed, fairly decent shape. Need a wet seal on the 1996 skylight.
  6. (12 ea.) Structural Glass Pyramid Skylights.Smaller 8’x 8’ skylights were replaced in 2006. All in good shape. No work needed. Single glazed.


  1. Replace acrylic barrel vault.
  2. Replace acrylic pyramid.
  3. Wet seal two larger polygon skylights.
  4. Wet seal pyramid skylight.

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