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  • CO
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Architectural Aluminum Louvers Installation

The Colorado School of Mines is a small public teaching and research university in Golden, Colorado. Devoted to engineering and applied science, with special expertise in the development and stewardship of the Earth’s natural resources, it is known for its academic excellence.

That is why we believe they chose our company to install aluminum louvers to screen in their HVAC equipment and to add a bit of style to the facade of the Marquez Hall building.

The equipment, located on the roof, is enclosed on all four sides. Anyone looking out of their high rise office buildings or dorm roofs will see a pleasant view. The aluminum louver facade shown in the main picture runs from the ground to the roof and provides architectural relief to the building. It breaks up the design of the other siding that butts up to it and also provides a pleasant looking wall.

What We Did:

We installed approved Construction Specialties Louvers. These louvers are specially designed for these roof top applications. The Facade was also install using the same manufacturer but different model numbers.

Product Used:

  • Construction Specialties Extruded Aluminum Fixed standard blade, high performance Louver Model # A 4080 on Roof.
  •   Construction Specialties Extruded Aluminum Fixed Storm resistant, drainable sight proof, 7″ deep Blade Model # RS 7705 on Facade.


  • The aluminum louvers provide plenty of air to the equipment that is hidden behind the lovers.
  • The louvers provide weather protection to the HVAC units along with protection from birds and flying debris.
  • Aesthetically pleasing both for the equipment being hidden and the facade on the front of the building


  • Equipment is protected from the elements and therefore lasts longer
  • Easy access to the equipment 
  • No required maintenance or re-coating costs
  • Aesthetics is pleasing to the eye and architectural in design

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