• 401 Center St NE
  • Salem,
  • OR
  • 97301

Mall Skylight Survey and Consultation

Salem Center is a multi-building, enclosed shopping center in downtown Salem, Oregon. Located on both sides of Center Street between High and Liberty streets, the mall has 80 stores and a food court. Opened in 1979, the mall has four anchor stores: Macy’s, JC Penney, Kohl’s, and Nordstrom. The mall also features five sky bridges and many skylights.

An onsite  skylight survey was conducted on June 8th 2011 by Skylight Specialists, Inc., represented by Rob Packard.

Mall skylights of concern were the Glass Clerestory Single Slope Skylights.

  1. (1 ea.) Structural Glass Cone-Shaped Dodecagon, 14’ nominal width, 4’ per side, 13’ tall.
  2. (4 ea.) Pyramid, Acrylic, Curb Mount Skylights, 7’ x 7’ nominal.
  3. (2 ea.) Domed, acrylic, curb mount skylights, 4’ x 4’ nominal.
  4. (18 ea.) Clerestories, glass, single slope, 21’ x 6’ nominal.

What Our Skylight Survey Found:

All  of the skylights are in good shape.

Salem Center Mall Skylight Survey-16832-116
Counter flashing at the bottom of the sloped glazing is the likely cause of intermittant leaks.

The clerestories leak periodically, but is reported as an occasional drip. Leak is probably between the counter flashing and the roofing. Water likely shoots down sloped corrugated roofing and up and under counter flashing.Mall management has hired local roofers to help with problem.


If local vendors cannot repair the leak permanently, then the metal counter flashing at the bottom of the sloped glazing needs to be replaced. A material should be used that will completely seal the leakage, even if totally immersed in water.

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