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  • 601 SE Wyoming Blvd
  • Casper,
  • WY
  • 82609

Mall Skylight Consulting and Survey

Eastridge Mall is an enclosed shopping mall located in Casper, Wyoming at the city’s busiest intersection, east Second Street and southeast Wyoming Boulevard. It is one of only three shopping malls in the entire state.
Opened in 1982, the  mall is the largest in the state. With over 90 shops, the mall is anchored by Target, Sears, JC Penney, Macys , Dicks Sporting Goods, Best Buy, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

An onsite skylight consulting inspection was made on July 8th 2011 by Skylight Specialists, Inc., represented by Rob Packard.

Skylights of concern were the acrylic barrel vaults and acrylic pyramids.

Unit skylights have been replaced recently and are in good shape for at least five years and longer.

  1. (13 ea.) Acrylic Barrel Vault Skylights. Vary in width and length from 7’ x 15’ to 11’ x 27’ nominal. Total of 2,224 square feet.
  2. (18 ea.) Structural Acrylic Pyramid Skylights, 11’ x 11’ nominal.
  3. (27 ea.) Unit Skylights 4’ x 8’ nominal.

What We Found:

  1. (12 ea.) Barrel Vault Skylights – ten original skylights,  two newer. All are failing. Cracked, crazed and fogged acrylic lenses. Degrading gaskets and leaks.
  2. All twelve Barrel Vault Skylights have had previous curb-support repairs. All barrel vault existing curbs need rebuilt to support new skylights properly.
  3. (18) Structural Pyramid Skylights with dual glazed acrylic lenses.
    Outer lens has sagged  and is touching interior acrylic.
    Six of the skylights have curbs not meeting current codes.
    Previous interior cleanings have left acrylic hazy and damaged.
  4. Two pyramid skylights have curbs touching each other with no gutter inbetween. The opening of one of the skylights will need to be reduced in size by at least 12” to allow room for roofing between the skylights.

Our Skylight Consulting Recommendations:

Replace all barrel vault skylights.

  1. Remove steel supports and repair roof. (Carlisle roof)
  2. Replace all barrel vault skylight curbs.
  3. Remove all steel support roofing protrusions and replace roofing to prevent future problems with leaks in these areas.

Replace all pyramid skylights.

  1. Raise curbs on six pyramid skylights to meet codes.
  2. Repair roof on these six skylights.
  3. Alter opening size on one skylight and repair roof.

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