• 1299 Galleria at Tyler
  • Riverside,
  • CA
  • 92503

Mall Skylight Consulting and Survey

The Galleria at Tyler, formerly known as the Tyler Mall, is a regional shopping mall located in Riverside, California. With more than 170 stores, the anchor tenants are Nordstrom, Macy’s, JC Penney and Forever 21.

An onsite skylight consulting inspection was made on November 29th 2011 by Skylight Specialists, Inc. Represented by Rob Packard.

Skylights of concern were the glass skylight expansion joints on the site:

  1. (1ea.) Glass Structural Pyramid Skylight. 66’ x 66’ nominal.
  2. (1 ea.) Structural Glass Ridge Skylight. 14’ x 1106’ (total linear feet) nominal. (1991 vintage).
  3. (1 ea.) Structural Glass Ridge Skylight. 12’ x 100’ nominal. (1996 vintage). Located in the food court area.
  4. (2 ea.) Structural Glass Intersecting Ridge Skylights. 30’ x 36’ nominal. (Identical appearance on other side of ridge).
  5. (4 ea.) Structural Glass Extended Single Slope Skylights. Below ridges, 16’ x 32’ nominal.
  6. (1ea.) Acrylic Barrel Vault “Bridge” Skylight. 22’ x 35’ nominal.

Our Skylight Consulting Inspection Found:

  1. Expansion joints at skylights and other portions of the roof have degraded to the point of becoming brittle and are failing.
  2. Minor flashing repairs to intersecting ridge gable ends. Two areas only.
  3. Structural glass pyramid skylight has water leaks. Butt joints showing signs of wear. Cap gaskets showing signs of weathering. One piece of glass is cracked. (Cracks caused by flying debris)
  4. Butt joints on intersecting ridges and single slopes show same signs of wear. No reported leaks.
  5. Acrylic barrel vault has many panels “popping out” of their respective extrusions.


  1. Replace all expansion joints on skylights.
  2. Replace one broken glass.
  3. Repair flashing on gable ends.
  4. Wet seal all glass butt joints and caps. (Minimum wet seal to pyramid)
  5. Replace acrylic bridge skylight. This skylight has a steel supporting structure under it that is adequate. The acrylic “skin” has not been originally designed properly. Each piece of acrylic is 4’ x 18’ nominal with a joint at the top. The extrusions do not have enough space for expansion/contraction therefore the acrylic can never stay within the extrusion. If we repair it, it will simply “pop” back out again.

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