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Mall Skylight Survey and Consultation

Stonestown Galleria is a shopping mall in San Francisco, California. With a total of 130 tenants, the shopping mall is anchored  by Nordstrom, Sports Authority and Macy’s.

Originally Stonestown Shopping Center, it was built in 1952. A major redevelopment in 1987, which added one story of stores, including a food court, a glass ceiling and marble floors, led to the Stonestown Shopping Center being renamed Stonestown Galleria.

An onsite skylight survey and inspection was made on August 24th 2011 by Skylight Specialists, Inc. Represented by Rob Packard.

Skylights of concern are the Structural Glass Ridge Skylights on the site:

  1. (1 ea.) Structural Glass Ridge Skylight. Exterior application. 28’ x 35’ nominal.
  2. (1 ea.) Structural Glass Ridge Skylight. 28’ x 45’ nominal.
    (1 ea.) Structural Glass Ridge Skylight. 28’ x 55’ nominal.
    (1 ea.) Structural Glass Ridge Skylight. 28’ x 114’ nominal
  3. ((1 ea.) Structural Glass Ridge Skylight. 28’ x 179’ nominal.
  4. (1 ea.) Center Court Skylight. Intersecting ridges with a center pyramid and single slope glass in the corners. 120’ x 140’ nominal footprint.

Our Skylight Survey Inspection Found:

  1. Structural glass skylights are original but are holding up fairly well. There are some minor issues on the center court skylight and it leaks in one area only. It has two cracked glass units. Some of the flashing is loose or missing screws. Requires general maintenance only.


  1. The leak needs to be investigated. This will require removing several glass units in one valley to gain access to the internal framing. At this point, a diagnosis of the problem will be made. Repairs will be made as required and the glass units reset.
  2. Replace two broken glass units on the center court skylight.
  3. Re-fasten loose sill flashing on the center court pyramid.

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