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Skylight Repairs on a Tight Budget

Tiffany Square is a building that used to be a mall but has transitioned through a business park to housing radio stations and offices.

This structure has an enormous amount of overhead glazing in need of skylight repairs. The sloped glazing is intersected by vertical clerestories at least twice on the slope. The original manufacturer’s design included a flush snap cap that hides the recessed screws. This type of cap has problems with leaks because of the difficulty in permanently sealing the caps. It is worth noting that many times we arrive at a project and it takes a lot of work just to undo the work that was done incorrectly by previous attempts to make the skylight repairs.


  • We provide skilled technicians for one full days’ worth of skylight repairs. The owners decide what sections they want worked on and for how long they need the tech. In this way the owner can decide how much to spend depending upon their budget.
  • We have developed a technique to seal the snap caps permanently.
  • We also wet seal the glass.
  • As we progress through each section the skylight becomes leak-free.

Product Used:


  • The owner gets to control their budget and only has work done when they can afford it. The good news for the owner is they don’t have to re-do work, as the leaks stop where we performed the work.
  • I believe this building would have been abandoned as a viable space if not for the feel of the space because of the light provided from the large overhead glazing. And, it was imperative that the owner find a contractor that knew what they were doing and could work with their budget.


  •  Healthy, natural daylight in the space with soft translucent light and accurate color rendition
  • In work environments, increased daylighting has been shown to increase productivity

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