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  • 2400 Union St
  • Englewood,
  • CO
  • 80110

Daylighting a New Facility at Denver’s Waste Management Location.

Construction has begun on a new building at Denver’s Waste Management location. Part of the plan is to daylight the building with wall-lights. Skylight Specialists, Inc. has been selected to supply and install CPI Daylighting’s new Uniquad system.

Projected to begin first quarter 2017.

What We Will Do:

  • Supply and install two CPI Daylighting Uniquad Wall Lights at the General Contractor’s schedule.

Product Used:

  • CPI Daylighting Uniquad Wall Lights
  • D2F 2.75″ UNIQUAD WALL LIGHT 5.00′ high x 56.00′ long odc. 280 sq. ft.
  • D2F 2.75″ UNIQUAD WALL LIGHT 5.00′ high x 44.00′ long odc. 220 sq. ft.


Wall lights as clerestories extend the light into the interior. Reflecting off the ceiling, they balance the light from the overhead doors to reduce glare and soften shadows.

Some details of the Uniquad process:

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