Boise Towne Square Mall Skylight Replacement

  • 350 N Milwaukee St
  • Boise,
  • ID
  • 83704

Skylight Gutters Don’t Always Drain as Originally Intended Many skylight designers from the 80’s inserted a gutter in-between two barrel vaults. The idea was the skylights were smaller, which cost less, and it was easier to design a structure to support them. Smaller skylights have less loads including thrust and therefore were easier to design … Continue reading Boise Towne Square Mall Skylight Replacement

Duke Energy Call Center Skylight Retrofit

  • 9700 David Taylor Blvd
  • Charlotte,
  • NC
  • 28201

Replacing Failed Fiberglass Skylights with a Skylight Retrofit Duke Energy Call Center A very offensive smell was determined to be coming from failed fiberglass skylights. The building management installed an industrial exhaust fan in an attempt to remove the odors and the top floor of the Call Center was closed down to protect the health … Continue reading Duke Energy Call Center Skylight Retrofit

Marriott Hotel – Custom Shaped Skylight

  • 600 Marriott Dr
  • Nashville,
  • TN
  • 37214

Custom Shaped Skylight Designs The Nashville Airport Marriott Hotel is minutes away from top attractions like the Grand Ole Opry and Country Music Hall of Fame. Their problem was the custom shaped skylights located over the pool and pool area. The skylights were old and didn’t portray the image of a top notch hotel that … Continue reading Marriott Hotel – Custom Shaped Skylight

Skylight Repair for the Jefferson County DA

  • 500 Jefferson County Pkwy
  • Golden,
  • CO
  • 80401

A Simple Skylight Repair of Hail Damaged Skylights by Replacing the Exterior Panels The pyramid skylights at the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office were originally installed in 2004. Two of the skylights were damaged during one of the severe hail storms that are not uncommon in the Denver metro area. We were called upon to provide a skylight … Continue reading Skylight Repair for the Jefferson County DA

Richmond Transportation Canopy Repair

  • 200 Parr Blvd
  • Richmond,
  • CA
  • 94801

Repairing a Canopy Installation Problem that Others Could Not The canopy installation for the Bay Area Rapid Transit in Richmond, CA had a problem. The local representative, at that time, for CPI Daylighting made the mistake of hiring an unqualified subcontractor to install the canopy. How hard could it be? It wasn’t even indoors. Problem: … Continue reading Richmond Transportation Canopy Repair

HD Supply Skylight Certification

  • 7411 Goen Pl
  • San Diego,
  • CA
  • 92120

HD Supply Skylight Survey and Skylight Certification An onsite skylight survey,  inspection and repair was made on July 7th 2007 by Skylight Specialists, Inc.; Represented by Rob Packard. The skylight certification was also performed after the repairs. Description of all the skylights of concern on the site: (45 ea.) 4’ x 8’ nominal heat and smoke … Continue reading HD Supply Skylight Certification

Anchor Center for Blind Children Wall Lights Installation

  • 2550 Roslyn St
  • Denver,
  • CO
  • 80238

Controlling Glare and Utilizing Daylight with a Wall Lights Installation Anchor Center for Blind Children teaches visually impaired infants,  young children and their families. Children  with blindness learn in different ways than sighted children, and both their learning environment and activities need to be adapted to their unique needs. The architect on this project wanted … Continue reading Anchor Center for Blind Children Wall Lights Installation

Holiday Inn Hotel Skylight Retrofit

  • 148 Sheraton Drive
  • New Cumberland,
  • PA
  • 17070

Damaged Hotel Skylight by Well-Meaning Hotel Employee The problem with the hotel skylight was monumental and it was self-created because the owner’s own employee claimed that he could fix it. Fix it he did! This skylight was originally designed to slide open to provide air into the space above the swimming pool.  As these skylights … Continue reading Holiday Inn Hotel Skylight Retrofit

Disney Marina Hotel Skylight Repair

  • 1313 S Harbor Blvd
  • Anaheim,
  • CA
  • 92803

Round Skylights Take Special Consideration During Skylight Repair These round skylights are located in the porte cochere for the Disney Marina Hotel. This is the area where you pull up in any kind of weather and unload your vehicle of passengers and cargo. There are beautiful stained glass globes that hang beneath these skylights that “glow” … Continue reading Disney Marina Hotel Skylight Repair