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Scaffolding Solutions Under Skylights

Protecting the People Replacing skylights that are installed over large areas, such as an atrium in an office building or a mall, begins with scaffolding solutions planning on how to protect the public and keep the job site safe for the workers while the replacement is under way. Many times a one story scaffolding “tunnel” that … Continue reading Scaffolding Solutions Under Skylights

Skylight Design/Build for the University of Wyoming

University of Wyoming Project Walkthrough Every design/build project has it’s problems that need to be solved and this project had more than it’s fair share. Skylight Design/Build Problem Solving Every time we evaluate a project we always look at all problems, assess the priority levels of each issue, and then determine which needs to be … Continue reading Skylight Design/Build for the University of Wyoming

Aluminum Free-Span Structures

Utilizing Aluminum in Green Applications without internal supports We utilize aluminum as a material of choice and only aluminum in our structural solutions. The material’s extrudability, light weight, and strength make it the logical choice for exterior architectural ­applications. CST Covers was formed from an acquisition of Conservatek and Temcor and is a global leader … Continue reading Aluminum Free-Span Structures

Florida Skylights and Support Structures

It has been one year since we replaced the skylight over the Atrium for La Mer Condominiums in Naples, Florida I just received a call from one of the residents at La Mer Condo’s in Naples, FL. He wanted to express his thanks and appreciation for the wonderful project that we built for them last … Continue reading Florida Skylights and Support Structures

Foot Bridges

Conservatek aluminum structures can provide the flexibility to design interesting projects similiar to this one Here is an interesting article about foot bridges and the belief that they do more than get you across an obstruction. We provide aluminum structures and polycarbonate skins to enclose these type of structures. This project has an exterior CPI polycarbonate … Continue reading Foot Bridges

Condominium Restoration

Successful Completion of the restoration of a rusted steel space frame; replaced with a new aluminum structure and skylight We have just successfully completed this project which started on March 30th and ended May 19th 2009. (With an Easter Break in the middle) The work included erecting a temporary floor directly underneath an old Uni-Strut … Continue reading Condominium Restoration

Space Frame Replacement

How to replace your old rusted space frame. The process of replacing your rusted space frame may seem or be perceived as a daunting task. We suggest that you contact us so we can help you through the process. We currently are replacing an old steel Uni-Strut system on a seventeen story condominium while the … Continue reading Space Frame Replacement

Space Frame

Truss-like, Lightweight Rigid Structure We have experience working with products that are described as space frames which is a truss-like, lightweight, rigid, structure constructed from interlocking struts in a  geometric pattern. Different companies use different ways of fastening the components together. Older style frames were assembled with nuts and bolts and plates at the nodules. Newer versions use … Continue reading Space Frame