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Skylight Insurance Costs

Many condominiums have large skylight systems spanning courtyard or open areas. Some of these systems have started to fail but the building owners are more worried about the large cost of replacing these monumental systems. Acrylic skylights seem like the best solution because they are the cheapest to install. But there is a hidden costs to these … Continue reading Skylight Insurance Costs

Scaffolding Solutions Under Skylights

Protecting the People Replacing skylights that are installed over large areas, such as an atrium in an office building or a mall, begins with scaffolding solutions planning on how to protect the public and keep the job site safe for the workers while the replacement is under way. Many times a one story scaffolding “tunnel” that … Continue reading Scaffolding Solutions Under Skylights

Saving Energy With a Good Daylighting System

Properly designed daylighting systems save energy and costs Artificial lighting requires large amounts of energy and can represent as much as 50% of the electricity consumption of a building. Artificial lighting also generates a large amount of heat. When a good daylighting system is considered in the design phase the HVAC system can be reduced … Continue reading Saving Energy With a Good Daylighting System

El Paso Coroners Office SolaQuad Intelligent Daylighting

Installation of controllable or adjustable daylighting in vertical walls CPI SolaQuad Wall lites in process of installation. These polycarbonate wall lites have adjustable baffles installed internally in the panels and have the ability to maintain or control the light on the interior according to what your needs are. Intelligent glazing gauges the sun’s position, then … Continue reading El Paso Coroners Office SolaQuad Intelligent Daylighting

Nonresidential Skylights – Controlling Daylight

The key to successful daylighting is managing the light and heat gain and/or heat loss that the skylight adds to the building The latest in technology with skylights allow the end user to control the amount of light and/or heat gain. This solves the daylighting dilemma allowing savings and control never seen before. Previously, the … Continue reading Nonresidential Skylights – Controlling Daylight