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Scaffolding Solutions Under Skylights

Protecting the People Replacing skylights that are installed over large areas, such as an atrium in an office building or a mall, begins with scaffolding solutions planning on how to protect the public and keep the job site safe for the workers while the replacement is under way. Many times a one story scaffolding “tunnel” that … Continue reading Scaffolding Solutions Under Skylights

Commercial Skylight Replacement

Skylight Replacement If you know a little about the history of commercial construction for malls and other retail buildings in the United States, you would be aware that in the late 70’s there was a building boom that trickled out in the early 80’s. During that building boom there were malls being built all over … Continue reading Commercial Skylight Replacement

Sikes Senter – Wichita Falls Texas Skylight Replacement Project

Converting a 3 bay cluster low rise skylights into one large pyramid skylight creates a better design. The reported problem with these particular skylights was the dismal light transmittance which caused everything inside to look dreary and yellow-toned. Additionally, the gutters between the skylights were constant leak sources and the single domes had virtually no insulation factors … Continue reading Sikes Senter – Wichita Falls Texas Skylight Replacement Project

Park City Center Lancaster, PA Skylight Project

Replace acrylic domed skylights for better insulation, fall protection and light quality The owners for this mall in Lancaster, PA had made the wise decision to replace the troublesome acrylic skylights with an entirely new and different skylight option. Many times we see maintenance crews, the do-it-yourselfers or even the so called qualified skylight guys … Continue reading Park City Center Lancaster, PA Skylight Project

Shopping Mall Skylight Repairs

When will management companies learn to get their skylights repaired professionally to safeguard them from continually dumping money into repairs that don’t work and the resulting costs to repair drywall and paint. Once again I am contacted by a mall where I have provided bids five different times in a span of over twenty years. The mall … Continue reading Shopping Mall Skylight Repairs

Southwest Plaza Skylights

Southwest Plaza, Denver, CO Skylight Repair Once again we have been hired to consult and repair commercial grade skylights on a shopping mall. This time the skylights are in our home town, which is nice, but we do work all over the nation and are used to it. In some ways I think the crews … Continue reading Southwest Plaza Skylights

Another Florida Skylight Project

Structural glass skylight replacement on a mall in Florida We have completed another skylight project in Florida, this time in historic St Augustine. The mall manager was concerned about how we would work around their schedule considering that we were working right over the Information booth in the food court. He soon found out that, … Continue reading Another Florida Skylight Project

Kentucky Skylights

Cincinnati, Ohio or Kentucky Commercial Skylight Repairs Once again, our thirty years of experience is put to good use in troubleshooting commercial skylights, this time in Kentucky. Many skylight repair technicians can get about 90% of the repair correct, however it is the other 10% that is the critical part! We find poor quality caulking that … Continue reading Kentucky Skylights

Salinas, CA

Commercial Skylight Repair at Quadrangle Shopping Mall We were contacted a few months ago about a problem with severe leaks from 24 out of 96-8×8 curb-mounted skylights. We asked the maintenance department to send us pictures, which they complied. After examining the pictures we expressed an interest in seeing the skylights in person. We determined … Continue reading Salinas, CA