Fire-rated Skylights

Is there such a thing as a 1-hour or 2-hour rated skylight?

Technically, and/or typically skylights do not have a fire rating. They are not part of the structural roof therefore do not require a one hour or two hour rating. There are other fire ratings, however. There is Class A or CC1, these are ratings for how much smoke they produce when they are burned, etc. There is also fire-rated glass or glazing.

Some building departments are requesting fire-rated skylights under certain conditions. We have met some of these requirements by supplying a skylight that does not have any aluminum in it’s construction. Call or email (look on this site for contact info) and we’ll get your particular details and a quote.

2 thoughts on “Fire-rated Skylights”

  1. I have an atrium inside and below the four structural walls. So building department is requiring 2 hour rated glass or translucent cover. Area is 16’x20′. Would you like to supply estimate of glass and frame?
    Please email when complete. Thanks.

    1. Matt, Hopefully the information we sent will help with the building department having a more realistic code for the skylights. We are here to help you find a product that will work and feel free to keep us in touch with your progress. Thanks. Rob

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