Pioneer Place Mall Skylights_15949-02
  • 700 SW Fifth Ave
  • Portland,
  • OR
  • 97204

Mall Skylights Survey and Consultation

Pioneer Place is an upscale, urban shopping mall in downtown Portland, Oregon. It consists of four blocks of retail, dining, parking, and an office tower named Pioneer Tower.

The mall itself is spread out between four buildings, interconnected by skywalks or underground mall sections.

The mall skylights were inspected on June 8th 2011 by Skylight Specialists, Inc., represented by Rob Packard.

The mall skylights of concern were the two large skylights referred to as Atrium and Rotunda.

  1. Atrium: Structural Glass Pyramid Skylight, 106’ x 106’ nominal. Skylight has three levels of vertical and sloped glass.
  2. Rotunda: Structural Glass Skylight, 87’ x 87’ nominal. Skylight has three levels of sloped glazing.
  3. (2 ea.) Glass-roofed Bridges, 12’ x 80’ nominal

What We Found:

  1. The Atrium skylight has had spot repairs performed by a local company at the mid-level section. They have had some success, but only repaired areas that leaked without continuing the repairs to whole sections. The result has been continuous callbacks to keep doing spot repairs.
    It appears the original installation crew sealed some areas that were supposed to be left unsealed in order to release water through weep holes. The local company unsealed some of these areas, but not all of them. The entire mid-level skylight should be wet sealed and repaired properly to prevent these callbacks.
  2. Additionally a minimum of three pieces of glass have failed seals and should be replaced and butt joints are degraded.
  3. The Rotunda skylight has leak issues and no glass replacement issues. The Operations Manager reports this skylight has more leak problems than the Atrium. This entire skylight should be wet sealed.
  4. Glass Bridges. (2 ea.) The smaller bridge is slated for demolition or removal. The larger bridge has no issues.

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